Claude-Hélène Mayer



“Claude is a very professional coach who can recognise the unconscious blockages and dissolve them with the client. I highly recommend her coaching and in particular her work with hypnotic intervention techniques.”

Alexander, Coach, Stockholm, Sweden

“Dr. Mayer is kind and caring in a  personal and real way. It was obvious from the start that she loves people. Frankly, I was amazed at the help I recieved from Dr. Mayer. It has changed my life forever. Thank you Dr. Mayer.” 

Cecil, Enterpreneur, Houston, Texas, USA

“I received the feedback I needed to develop. The systemic approach showed me all the different angles influencing my life and I learned how to change the aspects I did not like. Claude is a wonderful coach in particular for women leaders.”

Sarah, Business owner, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Claude is one of the best listeners I have ever met.”

Sandeep, IT-specialist, Mumbai, India

“I have experienced Claude-Hélène Mayer in various coaching settings as a very committed and competent consultant who has opened up new valuable insights, perspectives and options for action for me in both professional and private contexts.”

Elisabeth, Director, Mainz, Germany

“During a difficult phase in my life, Claude-Hélène Mayer helped me with her appreciative manner to break down negative thought patterns and to develop new perspectives.”

Sophie, IT-specialist, Braunschweig, Germany

“Simply empathetic!”

Rolf, Economist, Zurich, Switzerland

“I have learned so much about myself in the coaching sessions. I have always received appreciative feedback for my ideas and steps. This has opened up new paths for me that I can now take.”

Alina, Teacher, Bucharest, Romania

“We do not judge the people we love.”

– Jean-Paul Sartre